What are WhatsApp’s threats that young children face, and how to resolve them?

With 2 billion users using WhatsApp, it has become one of the most popular instant messaging apps. But is it safe? The article will charter out

  • The kind of threats it imposes on the minds of children
  • How can you be safe?

What are the threats it impose on the minds of children?

If you think WhatsApp is another instant messaging app that revolves around sending and receiving messages and video calls, you’re mistaken. It can pose a threat to your kids in varied ways.

  1. Inappropriate content: What may seem fun to the children can land them in danger. The kids can be exposed to inappropriate and sensitive content that they can’t handle.

  1. Disappearing messages: WhatsApp has launched various features that call for concern among parents. One among them is disappearing messages in which videos, texts or images will be deleted automatically from their account after a predetermined time. You may call it secret conversations. In the few years, disappearing messages by the young generation has increased by manifold times.

  1. Cyberbullying– The group texts are the biggest reason why kids are using WhatsApp, and when one rumor or comment is shared about a child, it spreads enormously. The situations become so intense that bullying is the direct result of it.

  1. The privacy is compromised- Another risk is a threat to their privacy. Though the kids believe that WhatsApp encrypts the conversation, it does not prevent people from taking screenshots downloading images and videos. It is a serious threat to kids.

  1. Untraceable messages– As told above, the WhatsApp messages are encrypted and cannot be viewed by people except those involved. If you delete the message from the device it is gone. It is a cause of concern among the parents because they don’t know who their children are talking to and what media is shared with them. The chats can be deleted; the status can be kept secretive; all these features impose dangers that every parent is worried about.

How to keep them safe on Whatsapp?

If you think that the easiest way to keep them safe is to make them stay away from the app, then you are wrong. Secretly they will always try to do, call it peer pressure or their addiction.

The best solution

The best way to keep them safe is to use a cellphone tracker app. The tracker applicationcomes with features like

  • The parents can track the WhatsApp messages of their child in their overall entirety so that their fears are dissolved.
  • The Whatsapp online tracker premium/mod apk allows the parents to access the WhatsApp call logs and time duration on Android and iPhone.
  • The user can view both incoming and outgoing messages, including deleted ones.
  • You can track the sender and recipient names of chat messages.
  • You can unlock the secret status of your child even when they have made it private.
  • The parents can download the multimedia files that are sent or received.

Concluding lines

If you want a powerful and trusted application that helps you keep track of your child’s growing social media addiction, trust Kids tracker. Our application is robust and will help you to keep a safe watch on them.