Preparing Your House for Sale – Consider Some Factors

Let’s Begin with curb appeal. When buyers push up that first impression is very important. When they do not find the exterior appealing, they will be jaded even before they walk through the door if they do.

The Yard

Few Items are more or cleaner defined with mulch than a planter area. The most neglected areas the appearance of landscaping is given by mulch. Mow your lawn, trim the shrubs, add just a little color if weather permits with blossoms. Flowers should be planted ahead of time if possible to allow for a feel. There is no harm in allowing buyers to believe you were born with a green thumb.

The Exterior

If your You do not have enough time or cash hosing it off and repainting trim and home could use a paint job and shutters will update the facade. Word of warning: if you are prone to use a neutral shade, get the opinion of three trusted friends or family that is not afraid to tell it like it is before you start trying to find the paint brushes. Clean up oil stains on the driveway. Make sure that the garage door opens. And clean the windows inside and outside. Broken glass should be repaired. That opens is essential.

The Interior

Without having stepped one pinky toe past the threshold of your house the instruction will be: Have a garage sale. The unofficial guideline is if you have not used it in a month or did not even know you possessed it, time to say goodbye. Clutter is the killer of home sales. A busy room will cause even the most sedate buyer to twitch. Your set of the shrine of family photographs in your dresser or Disney characters on the armoire ought to be in storage and packed. Clutter can accumulate countertops, on shelves, in drawers, closets, garages, attics and basements.


Make those repairs that you have put off and put off because it is so much simpler to simply duct-tape it into submission. Replace it when the bulb is out. Fix it In case you need to jiggle the toilet handle to flush it. It will be shown in JCube Residence inspections because if it does not appear when the buyers are taking a look at your home.

The Kids

Kids if you have children mean jumble pay attention. Buyers will walk right into a kid’s room and will attempt to guess age and a sex for the occupant. We are like that. We are human. And because of that particular affinity, we will forgive a great deal of things, even black paint with glow-in-the-dark ceiling stickers.