Know all about the Payroll and HR Outsourcing in Singapore 

How can firms in Singapore reduce the risks associated with physical labor and put less emphasis on administrative procedures by outsourcing their HR functions? Staff members in every HR department are entrusted with managing several operations, including payroll Outsourcing services in Singapore, employee benefits, and health administration. Your organization’s bottom line may benefit from outsourcing these functions to specialized HR suppliers.

Singapore-based international recruiting and HR outsourcing company,that finds and creates practical solutions to enhance organizational structures and lessen general inefficiencies in businesses. Businesses turn to us for high-quality outsourcing solutions for everything from workforce planning and management to payroll parking and HR general services.

Why our Company Is Singapore’s No. 1 Manpower Outsourcing Company

  • the company reputable provider of HRO and recruitment services, having a clientele that includes many government organizations.
  •  HR and Payroll experts will offer prompt, practical advice.
  •  HR and Payroll experts will offer prompt, practical advice.
  • They ensure that your personnel complies with local labor laws and is up to date
  • knowledge in the areas of diversity, harassment, safety, and other concerns can be used to educate your team.

Services You get with us

  • Singapore’s top workforce outsourcing companies
  • Recruiting and De-boarding
  • Management of Compensation and Benefits
  • Manage time sheets
  • Management of Queries and Dispute Resolution
  • Management of Reports
  • Management of HR Policies
  • Retention (Extension)
  • CPF Monthly Submission
  • Annual Form IR8A and Appendix 8A Preparation and Submission
  • Tax Exemption for Foreign Workers
  • Statutory Claim Filing (Childcare Leave, Maternity Leave, etc.)
  • Refund of CPF
  • Invoicing