Is Painter’s Tape Suitable for You?

Thanks to some great Item placement on home improvement shows, advertising by 3M, and retailers giving more shelf space to blue painter’s tape, it is really been a favourite selection for end users to purchase for their painting jobs. Initially, the tape manufacturers developed this product for professional painters to use on outside painting jobs. They needed a tape which could withstand the UV exposure, weather, temperatures, etc. for up to 7-14 days without falling off or leaving a residue behind when removed. These products typically had a lower adhesion degree than regular paint grade masking tapes and were created blue in colour to make it easier for the painters to distinguish from their other tape.

An Individual can use blue Painter’s masking tape for indoor painting tasks nevertheless, you are paying for the UV protection that is not needed indoors. If paying several dollars each roll more than a fantastic quality indoor paint grade masking tape is not important to you, then by all means go ahead and purchase the pretty blue tape. In the retail world, manufacturers have developed additional variations of the product catering to the home improvement do-it-yourselves and smaller builders, but the cost is still higher. Have a look at the goods we have available. I bet you can save yourself a little cash in your tape and use it to update something more permanent you can enjoy more – such as a better faucet or tile.

painting tape

  • General Purpose Masking is used for bundling, labelling, non-critical masking where greater adhesion level is necessary. They have excellent quick stick and versatility.
  • Industrial Grade painters tape is designed for commercial, industrial, and residential paint markets for use on steel, plastics, glass, and rubber. Offers good resistance to solvents and moderate heat not over 150 degrees F. The tapes in this line have good grip but will remove cleanly. The blue masking tape or painters’ tape was designed to hold up to outdoor UV exposure for up to 14 days without residue upon removal. It will work for indoor painting, but you are paying for the outside resistance.
  • High Temperature Masking can withstand temperatures from 180 to 325 degrees F. Different products at the line have their own variety. They are best for the transport industry and strip after baking or lengthy applications.
  • Colored Masking Tape or Specialty Masking may be utilised in many different programs for general use blue masking tape is the most used in painting.