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Carpet Cleaning Tips From Carpet Cleaners

Many people are wary of carpet cleaners and would rather do their own dirty work. Fortunately, more often than not, carpet cleaners offer helpful tips that will help minimize effort while providing a thorough clean. Here is an assortment of commercial cleaning services in Marietta, GA advice from professional cleaners: Always start by vacuuming carpets before beginning any type of steam cleaning procedure; these tricks and tips from experienced technicians include:

  1. Don’t Let Steam Cleaners Walk On the Carpet

This tip is especially beneficial for pet owners, as you don’t want animal fur all over the carpet. Carpet cleaning machines tend to be heavy and this could damage fibers if not handled carefully. Have someone use the machine and another person responsible for steering it in the right direction simultaneously.

  1. Don’t Wait Until After Steam Cleaning to Vacuum It

After steam cleaning your carpets, it is essential to vacuum them as soon as possible; many stains may still be visible beneath the surface even if they have been completely dried out. Professional carpet cleaners usually provide this option of removing stains from carpets after testing their cleaners on carpet samples prior to offering these treatments to clients.

  1. Limit Your Areas of Cleaning to One Floor at a Time

It is usually wise to limit steam carpet cleaning your carpets to one room at a time, as moving all furniture and rugs requires some effort and can take some time.

  1. Protect Your Carpet With Plastic Sheeting

Professional cleaners understand the importance of protecting carpets from moisture damage. This is especially true for larger or older carpets which may be more vulnerable to damage due to moisture. Plastic sheeting helps keep water away from harming your carpet. Some professional carpet cleaning companies will even provide this service at no extra charge if needed.

  1. Don’t Overwater Your Carpet

It is not necessary to use large amounts of water when cleaning carpets. Professional cleaners will know exactly how much solution is necessary, and even then, the amount depends on the type of carpet.

  1. Only Use Steam Cleaners When No Pets Or Children Are Present

It is well-known that pets and children can be very destructive to carpets. Children often get food or toys all over the carpet, staining it easily. Pets also cause damage by urinating on them. Before using a carpet cleaner, make sure there are no pets or children in the home as this could quickly lead to extensive carpet damage.