CoolVu window film

Bring Some Changes in Your Windows By Using a CoolVu Window Film

If you are happy with the windows you have, it is all good. But are there any chances you aren’t? The reasons for this might be many – be it too much sunlight or its position is in such a way that it concerns your privacy. Have you tried window treatments and got no results? No matter what your concern is, you can alter the appearance and functionality of any window or door by using CoolVu window film. The best part is that you don’t have to pay through your nose for it.

Installing new windows can be an expensive process, but it is not the case with window films. You can use window films to make minor to drastic changes in your room.

What is a window film?

A window film is a thin material applied to smooth surfaces like glass to alter their appearance. Companies use a variety of materials to make these films – ranging from ceramic, carbon, and laminate to polyester. The film has the right flexibility, making it produce a seamless fit. When one applies a window film in the right manner, it is almost impossible to detect that the window is made to appear the way it is.

Why use window films?

Applying window films has countless benefits, including the following:

  • Privacy

Some window films make it difficult for people to invade your privacy so you can do whatever you were doing without any worries.

  • Décor

Are you getting bored of the same old plain windows at your home? If so, you can bring some much-needed changes to them by using specialized window films.

  • Darkening

If you think that your room is getting too much natural sunlight and want to reduce the amount, a window film might be of great help.

  • UV protection

Some window films don’t allow the UV rays to enter your home which helps in protecting the carpets, fabrics, furniture, and also the people living inside from the damaging rays.

  • Safety

Windows are often broken for stealth and theft. The other reason for broken windows can be natural causes. A window covered in a film is hard to get shattered into pieces.

Depending on your purpose, you can pick from a wide variety of window films. A CoolVu window film however offers you everything you need and is different from its alternatives in the market. CoolVu provides all kinds of window films, including transitional, ceramic, solar window tinting, safety, and security film, anti-microbial, and smart glass film, among many other options. Give CoolVu a try next time you need a window film.