wooden door

Add a royal touch to your house with Wooden doors

Wood has largely been in use in furniture and carpentries for decades. wooden door were invented 5000 years ago. Almost entire of Europe used wooden doors in their houses. Egyptians were the first to use wood as a raw material for furniture. However, the use of wood rose to fame after the renaissance when the mesmerizing carving of wood into furniture caught the eye of east Asia. A wooden door is preferred over other materials because of various factors which will be discussed later in this article.

Why wooden doors?

It is not very surprising that wooden doors are still in wide use almost all over the world in common houses. Doors have been in existence ever since civilization made its entry into history. They were meant to protect our houses from thievery and wild animals, and conceal privacy. As to the question of why wood is necessary, the answer remains simple. It is because it is obtained more easily than the metal that needs mining. Other factors contributing to its rising sales might be its affordability and durability. It is not shocking that wood costs less than any other material out there. Wooden doors can be carved, which makes them more flexible for various designs. Though factors like humidity may affect the quality of the wood and cause swelling and misfit of doors, few chemicals outta do the trick to overcome the issue in this fast generation. A major advantage of wooden doors is that it suits any type of interior or exterior design.